What’s the Festival du thé?

The mission of this event is to make people discover the tea and its multiple derivatives.

Who is invited to this event?

Anyone who has an interest in tea! The festival has the goal to make tea accessible to everyone. The activities and conferences will be offered so that everyone can earn new knowledge about this magnificent beverage. Everyone has a place at the festival!

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What does the ticket includes?

Tickets are available online in the registration tab.

The ticket includes:

-Access to the exhibit hall;

-Access to conferences;

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Following your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and a ticket with a code. Please bring your e-ticket with you to the event. This single e-ticket is valid for your entire order. Personal data such as your address can be used for verification at the entrance.


Montreal programming 2019


Always so popular, here is the new program of conferences of the Montreal  Festival du thé!

* Included in the entrance ticket

9h15 – SEBZ – Demystifying two legendary teas, matcha and pu'er

One is growing in popularity exponentially, the other is emerging from Asia's secrets as a panacea for healthy living, both physical and energetic. We will examine the origin, the characteristics of these two teas and especially the facts in opposition to popular beliefs. It will also be a question of the preparation, the appreciation and ways to discern between the different qualities on the market.


10h20 - CAMELLIA SINENSIS - Tea and terroir, the effects of the environment on tea

For the past 20 years, the Camellia Sinensis Tea House has traveled the world in search of the best teas. In this conference, she shares her discoveries on the notion of terroir. Each tea reveals at its origin a combination of meteorological, geological and geological factors unique to its environment. These variables, by stimulating or inhibiting the growth cycle of plants, confer to the place of production a sense of local identity. Careful observation of this phenomenon reveals a series of physical and chemical markers that make up the distinctive features of a given region that is then called terroir.


Come discover the diversity of the terroirs of tea!

11h20 - JINGJU QUÉBEC - Let's live the tea tradition of the 19th century

 In the 19th century in Beijing (China), if one wanted to drink tea, we chose a tea room; if we wanted to see an opera performance in Peking, we were still going to the same place. Peking opera and tea formed an inseparable couple. Today, let's discover the most popular art of the Middle Kingdom, live the same experience as in the old days, thanks to the performance of Jingju Quebec, an artistic group specializing in Peking Opera.


13h15 – THÉS GURU by Salon de Thé Oasis – The Gong Fu Cha | An art and a technique to prepare and consume tea

The Gong fu cha is a chinese method of tea preparation. Preparation is not a ceremony but an art. 

Demonstrations, scientific explanation and history on this ancestral technique. 


14h30 – MATEINA – Viva la yerba mate!

Unlike other infusions, maté is distinguished by its nutritional profile, its taste and its way of being consumed. Discover a unique infusion method, a multitude of health benefits and a ritual that is synonymous with sharing, friendship and human connection. Salud!

16h00 - BAR DIM SUM JIAO - How to make tea dumplings from the famous Bar Dim Sum Jiao

Demonstration of a Matcha "Ha gow" dumpling preparation- one of the secrets and specialties of the famous "Jiao Dim Sum Bar"


Limited, semi-private activities (30-50 people) to offer you a moment out of the ordinary. Time to discover the teas and several unique tastings!

* You must purchase a ticket from the Montreal Festival du thé to book an activity.

Room 1

10h00-11h30 – THÉS GURU by Salon de Thé Oasis – Discovery and tasting of 2019 Grand Cru teas from Japan 

35$ - Limit 30 people

Come and try our unique Japanese exclusives in North America - reserve teas, competition teas and teas of merit. "In the first instance, demonstration of a modernized and internationally innovative interpretation of the tea service, developed by our tea master Han Le .


12h30-14h00 – CAMELLIA SINENSIS - Design workshop of chai, Indian spicy tea

35$ per person. Limit of 25 people

A recipe creation workshop of chai tea to learn how to prepare it in a traditional way. Come create your own chai with a selection of spices, teas and give it a name. Become a chai wallah for a day!


14h30-16h00 – CAMELLIA SINENSIS – Tasting of Grands Crus

35$ - Limit of 30 people

For the past 20 years, the Camellia Sinensis Tea House has traveled the world in search of the best teas.


Come and taste rare and unpublished teas from several tea families brought directly from the best terroir teas by the importers of the Camellia Sinensis Tea House.


An unique chance!

Room 2

10h00-11h30 – REVOLUTION FERMENTATION - Kombucha tasting workshop 101 

20$ - Limit of 50 people

This activity will give you the basics to understand and succeed in easily making your own kombucha. You will learn the tricks to succeed each time and to flavor your kombucha according to your tastes.

Kombucha is a delicious tea-based drink, slightly fermented, sparkling and excellent for health. Embark on the fabulous adventure of fermentations! It's simple, fast and delicious.



12h30-13h30 – JINGJU QUÉBEC - Musical journey through tales and legends of tea

20$ - Limit of 50 people

The tea tradition goes back more than 4700 years in China. Ms. Aurore Liang, storyteller since the age of 6 will tell stories and legends well hidden in these magic leaves. A musician will enhance your experience with a traditional Chinese musical instrument. From then on, your tea will become more and more tasty.


14h30-15h30 – JINGJU QUÉBEC- Chinese opera in all its intimiTEA

20$ - Limit of 50 people

Yue Opera is the most complex and gorgeous art of Chinese art. You will have the opportunity to enjoy two extracts of Chinese opera with a very different style. An entertaining artist will accompany you to appreciate the charm of this oriental beauty. Towards the end, you will also have the opportunity to become an artist of Chinese opera through participatory activities.

16h00-17h00 - DAVIDSTEA - From concept to the cup

15$ - Limit of 50 people

By: Nadia De La Vega, Manager, Tea Information and Compliance, and Celia Aceae, specialist, tea research and development


DAVIDsTEA Teas are renowned for their unique, tasty, original and innovative tea blends. But how are these teas created? Where do these ideas come from? In short, what exactly happens in the mysterious "Tea Lab"? Discover all of this and more in the company of two specialists who will talk about tea: from the initial conceptualization of a mixture to the tea that is in your cup.

* You will receive a gift bag following the activities



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